Hiring Nyx

Thanks for your interest! I’m looking for any sort of writing work, from writing copy for catalogues to full-scale articles for publications.

As I’m new to the writing world I’m cheap as chips, and actually not all that averse to working for free, although that would reduce the amount of time I could dedicate to whatever project you’re drafting me in for.

About me

If I’ve written well, you probably have a sense of who I am from the articles I’ve hosted here on Touch of Death. I’ll add a few concrete details, just so you know what you’re getting into.

I’m twenty-three, and I’m well-travelled. I spent six years of my life in a suburb of Detroit, USA, and six months more in Hiroshima, Japan. I presently live in Derbyshire, England, but I’m willing to move anywhere.

My interests include travel, gaming, writing, reading, website design and construction, politics and fantasy. I have some skill with Photoshop and website coding.

I graduated Nottingham University in 2011 with a 2:1 in Creative and Professional Writing, missing my first by a third of a mark. This is something I will never live down, but I did have a fantastic time working on the creative and administration teams for a student-led anthology, so I won’t go so far as to cry years wasted.

At present I support myself with part-time work in retail. I’m looking for any sort of writing work at all, paid or unpaid: anything that will get my name in print, and allow me to show just what I can bring to a writing team.

What I’d bring to you

Enthusiasm! Content! Joy!

In all seriousness, I am a newcomer and I will make mistakes. I am, however, very good at rigorous self-assessment, I take constructive criticism on board and work hard to improve, and my time at university taught me a good deal not only about writing, but about typesetting, copyediting and the business of putting out solid content at regular intervals.

I like to learn things, too, and I’m quite quick at it. Touch of Death’s layout is an amalgamation of self-taught HTML and CSS and a willingness to poke at code scraps I’ve found until they do what I want them to. I’m no great computer mind, but I have the diligence and the stubbornness to Make Things Work: both with code and any other task set before me.

During a work experience placement with the Department of Work and Pensions, I went above and beyond my Office Assistant role and taught customers both individually and in groups; prepared letters for region-wide distribution; acted as tech support for the staff; and upgraded the filing system. I like to work. I will work hard.

How to contact me

Email, Twitter or Google+ are all fine methods. If all else fails, I do regularly check up on the comments here. I’m entirely happy to discuss anything via phone after initial contact over the web.

Twitter: @Nyxrinne

Google+: Apothecary Nyxrinne

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  1. Hello bud, Love the blog, Infact I'm so in love with it, I would love you to teach me! :P

    Anyways, I have booked marked this and will hopefully see more posts!